6/1900 Russian registered mail from Poliakoff MOSCOW to JERUSALEM Rabbi via ODESSA & Turkey
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Incoming mail: 16 VI 1900 Lazar Solomonovich Poliakoff stationary registered commercial cover from MOSCOW to [Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem] Rabbi Shmuel Salant in JERUSALEM, franked 20 Kop. using ver pair 10 Kp, tied by 2 strikes of local postmark + Moscou 974 label & "Zakaznoe / Recommandirt." Russian-German registered handstamp and dotted "R" overseas mail registered mark; backstamped next day dispatch, unclear ODESSA transit; 21 JUNE 00 CONSTANTINOPLE transit & 24 JUNE dispatch; 2 JUL 1900 JAFFA transit (violet postmark Ba 614). Wax sealed backwith Poliakoff's emblem. Rabbi Salant helped establish the Etz Chaim Yeshiva in Jerusalem; Poliakoff was known as the "Rothschild of Russia". Cat val $450+

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