12/1917 WWI Holyland German military registered mail from NAZARETH to DAMASCUS; rare postal markings
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WWI German military post: 29-12-1917 large registered cover from Deutche Feldpost 663 (unit located in NAZARETH since 9 Dec) to DAMAS (Damascus), unfranked as military mail and tied by postmark Ba M-14/FPOP 281 + very rare registry-label Ba R-40-7 of unit 663 & hand-marked "einschreiben"; received by postal service of the Fuel Storage Depot of Army Group F & backstamped twice 'Brief-Stempel Stokraft Heeresgruppe "F"'. Ref: FPOP p.113-15/22.; folded due to size; a few spill marks. Fine and rare; estimated value $2800++

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