9/1923 Mandate 8 mils 1st postage dues frank on postcard from Greece to TEL AVIV
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Mandate 1st postage dues incoming taxed mail: Sept. 14 1923 surface mailed picture-postcard of Constantinople in Hebrew spelled Yiddish from PIREUS(?) to TEL AVIV mailed unfranked and tied by local machine cancel on front, taxed 8m (double deficiency) in Palestine and marked by metal boxed cachet, paid using 8m 1st Mandate PD BaD4 frank tied by 30 SP 23 TEL AVIV JAFFA branch office postmark (D27/Sacher 2/GD-55); fine. As a sidenote, the Allied occupation of Constantinople (after WWI) ended on 23 Sept. 1923. Est. value $600+

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