6/1941 Palestine Mandate small locale mail to *Kibbutz Lashichrur*
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Mandate small locales: 6 JU 1941 uprated Mandate postal stationary postcard from JERUSALEM to KIBBUTZ LASHICHRUR (via Rechovot PO), franked with pre-printed 4m + 3m Pictorals stamps per period inland postcard rate. Hebrew long message on back. This Kibbutz was established in 1934 by Polish & Hungarian members of the HaShomer HaTzair Zionist-Socialist youth movement; it was one of 3 settlements known as Givat HaKibbutzim - a temporary settlement area between Ness Tziona & Rechovot, near the Rehovot train station, that existed from 1932-1948; by 1940 it was one of two remaining settlements there.

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