9/1937 French airmail to NAHARIYA transferred to ship in HAIFA & stamped by cachet
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Unusually routed incoming French airmail carried by sea: 15-9-1937 airmail commercial cover from MONTLHÉRY to correspondents c/o resident NAHARIYA (via Post Office box Haifa), franked 3.50Fr & tied by 5 strikes of local postmark + airmail etiquette; backstamped same day PARIS AVION (air) transit slogan postmark ("Save time Reply by Air Mail"); upon arrival apparently transferred directly to Haifa branch of private company "Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes" (Maritime Messengers Company) whose rare 22 SEP 1937 dated boxed cachet is stamped on the back & cover subsequently transferred to passenger aboard "S/S Champollion" & noted "28.9.37 Messageries Maritimes" per manuscript on front - presumably the addressees were in transit. Opened roughly at back, repaired; complete. The ship was built in 1924 and serviced a route between France-Lebanon-Palestine-Egypt, and was heavily used by immigrants to Palestine, Holocaust survivors and partisans; sank 1952. Messageries Maritimes was a French merchant shipping company.

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