10/1936 Arab Revolt era airmail from 5th Division FPO 25 HAIFA to UK with rare postmark
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1936-39 Arab Revolt mail: 20 OC 1936 airmail cover ex FPO 25 (5th Division Postal Unit, HAIFA) to DENTON (UK), franked 3d per period rate air mail rate to UK using George V stamp & tied by single strike of FPO 25 postmark - rare, undocumented in Sacher & GD; per Proud postmark used only between 1 Oct 1936 and 10 Jan. 1937. Opened roughly at top, complete.

Product Tags: Mandatory Palestinian, United Kingdomian,British Philately - Postal Covers, Postmarks & Postal Markings - Mandate and Postal History from Palestine Mandate, United Kingdom and from 1936-39 Arab Revolt, 20th Century, 1930s, 1929-1939 5th Aliya, which are Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Air Mail, Philately - Military Post Offices or Military Administration, Philately - Unusual Origin, Destination or Postal Link, Philately - uncatalogued/undocumented varieties