Palestine Mandate Haifa mail with unrecorded machine cancel with 2 DIFFERENT DATES
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Mandate Haifa postmarks: machine cancel GD-88/Sach-F5 with different dated date-heads 2 DEC 47 and 2 JAN 48 tied to local commercial printed-matter cover franked 3m per period rate; unsealed per printed-matter regulations. Rare error unrecorded in GD and Sacher.

Product Tags: Mandatory Palestinian Philately - Postal Covers, Postmarks & Postal Markings - Mandate and Postal History from Palestine Mandate and from 20th Century, 1940s, 1945-1949 Postwar era which are Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Unique/Discovery Piece, Philately - Printed Matter mail, Minting/Production Error