4/1919 rare E in circle censor handstamp on registered mail from JERUSALEM to PARIS
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Rare censor-mark cover on Jerusalem mail: 9 AP 1919 registered commercial cover from JERUSALEM to PARIS, probably franked 2Pia per period rate (cut out from front) & marked by mute registry-label, tied by 2 strikes of double-ringed OETA-EEF JERUSALEM postmark (Sach-A6) on front + 1 on back; as of Feb. 1919 censorship in Palestine ended: as surface mail with transit via CAIRO, cover marked by rare "E" in circle censor handstamp ("exempt" from censorship - FB-1LC31; less than 12 covers known, of which 4 registered mail) prior to handling via Egyptian civil censorship system; backstamped 19 AP APO S7 (MARSEILLES) transit using Proud-D2 (10 weeks after his last known date of use, 4 Feb) & next day APO S5 (PARIS) arrival using Proud-D5; cut open at top & right.

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