7/1944 very rare KFAR YEDIDYA skeleton postmark on censored *airmail* to USA
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Small town/Mandate postmarks: full strike of extremely rare 24 JY 1944 KFAR YEDIDYA skeleton date-stamp (Dorf-1, rated VR) tied to 100m pictorals frank on lightweight airmail stationary cover to KEW GARDENS New York, per period 5g rate on Pan Am via West Africa (air via BOAC or others to W. Africa, then Pan Am to Miami [FAM 22]); opened & sealed by US censor 7113, at left; slit open at top (peripheral damage top right corner). This postmark was in service for 4 months, here used 6 days before last known date of use. Rare use on airmail; estimated value $750++

Product Tags: Mandatory Palestinian, America,American Philately - Postal Covers, Postmarks & Postal Markings - Mandate and Postal History from Palestine Mandate, United States and from World War II, 20th Century, 1940s which are Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Unique/Discovery Piece, Philately - Small Locales, Philately - Air Mail, Philately - Unusual Origin, Destination or Postal Link