7/1944 WWII Jewish soldier mail from Egypt to MERHAVIA with rare/unrecorded postmarks
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Small locales / Mandate & rare Egyptian postmarks on Jewish soldier's mail: 9 JY 1944 stampless "honour envelope" noted as 'Hebrew' correspondence from FPO 655 (ABBASSIA, Egypt) to KIBBUTZ MERHAVIA, tied by strike of FPO postmark & backstamped same day #4 Base Post Office "EGYPT POSTAGE PREPAID" machine cancel with slogan "It Pays to Lend" (here with wide datehead left and normal datehead die at right, as noted by Benians for this period & assigned to FPO 142, 4th Air Formation Postal Unit); marked on front by numbered & DCFC military censor marks (from Egypt); backstamped 8 JY FPO 235(?) Egypt, 10 JY AFFULA transit (Dorf-6) & same day MERHAVIA arrival (rare Dorf-1, rated F); slit open at left. Nicely travelled & documented + rare postmarks.

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