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World War II/Holocaust era original Vichy-French anti-Free French/anti-Semitic poster, 1941 by Andre Derain & produced by Imprimerie Bedos & Compagnie of Paris; size (poster only): circa 80 x 119cm. Original paper poster attached to white fabric backing, with headline "Les bobards...sortents toujours du meme nid" (The tall tales ... always come from the same nest), depicting birds with human heads and caricatured Jewish features (based on pre-War Jewish politicians like Leon Blum and possibly also members of 'The Vichy 80' parliamentarians who opposed the establishment of the Vichy regime), carrying banners that read "The English, our good friends", "The Germans take everything we've got", "We control the seas", and"Vive de Gaulle"; England is located in the lower right corner. Artist marked "Andre-Deran, 1941" in the upper right corner. The poster is almost pristine except light water(?) damage to the top left edge (mostly in the margin) + a few vertical creases on the upper part of the poster; ideal for display/framing. Derain (1880-1954) was a famous French artist, painter, sculptor and co-founder of Fauvism with Henri Matisse; representing in their eyes the prestige of French culture, he was courted by the Germans during their occupation of France and he collaborated with them.


CR041, Paris