11/1940 WWII Jewish mail from Soviet-occupied BEREZHANY to HAIFA, multiple re-routing
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Wartime incoming civilian mail: 5 XI 1940 uprated registered postcard from Soviet-occupied BEREZHANY to HAIFA, in German between 2 Jews, franked 80Kop (2 franks may be missing - postage period rate was 1.10R) & tied by 3 strikes of Berezhany Tarnopol Oblast postmark; passed Palestine Censor H22 & front-stamped 10 JA 41 REG HAIFA arrival, but re-routed to hospital in PETACH TIKVA: front-stamped next day REG HAIFA dispatch & 12 JA 40 PETACH TIKVA arrival (Dorf-7); here re-routed again to RAMAT GAN: front-stamped 17 JA 41 PETACH TIKVA dispatch (Dorf-9) & 19 JA 41 REG TEL AVIV transit and same day RAMAT GAN arrival (Dorf-4). Sender (same as in Lot above, from Lvov) now in locale originally occupied by Germany, then transferred to USSR. During the Soviet occupation many local inhabitants were deported to 'Gulag' camps + a notable NKVD prison was established in town; the pre-War Jewish population of 4,000 tripled to 12,000 after the outbreak of WWII as refugees from German occupied eastern territories streamed inward.

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