3/1941 triple-censored WWII Jewish mail from YEMEN to TEL AVIV via CAIRO & HAIFA
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Wartime incoming civilian mail: 26(?) MAR(?) 1941 cover from Jewish sender SANAA (Yemen; no return address) to The Brothers Y. M. Amir TEL AVIV (addressed in Arabic & Hebrew in Yemenite-styled writing), franked 6 Boc. (back) per period surface rate & tied by strike of local postmark; triple-censored: passed censor 6 at ADEN (front); backstamped 3 AP 1941 CAIRO transit + Egyptian civilian censor (front); then probably sent by sea as opened/sealed by HAIFA censor 69/14533 using Sach-Q7 PC22 label (Sacher-listed for outbound mail) & backstamped 9 AP 41 TEL AVIV arrival; torn open at tight. Rare origin. Odd routing to Haifa rather than by rail/road to Tel Aviv may be due to influence on logistics of the Greek campaign with 6 April German invasion of Yugoslavia & Greece, and April period Germany military manouvers / Allied withdrawals in North Africa prior to 10 April start of siege of Tobruk.

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