3/1943 WWII transatlantic airmail from Trinidad via BEIRUT to HAIFA censored 5 times
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Wartime air mail from Trinidad: 25 MAR 1943 registered airmail cover from PORT-OF-SPAIN Trinidad to HAIFA, franked 86c (front/back) & tied by 3 strikes of local REGISTRATION General Post Office postmark on front + 1x on back; opened/resealed by Examiner 1572 - probably local as Trinidad + Bermuda were 2 main censorship locations for Imperial international mail & tied by Trinidad "IE" censor mark; lacking US transit marks, cover probably carried south by Pan-Am Carribean route via GEORGETOWN British Guiana, where connected to transatlantic FAM-22 route between NATAL (Brazil) - FISHERMAN'S LAKE (Liberia) - LAGOS Nigeria (backstamped 6 AP 43 REG LAGOS transit + "half moon" D-shaped censor on front); then possibly by air via BOAC to CAIRO, where censored on front; here via BOAC to BEYROUTH (backstamped 20 IV 43 transit) where front stamped "NON CONTROLE" (i.e. not opened by censor) & by rail to HAIFA (backstamped next day REG HAIFA arrival) where passed H31 censor (aligns with period of Sacher's last known date of use). Slit open at left. Remarkable route with censor marks from 5 postal authories.

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