12/1943 WWII/Holocaust censored Jewish refugee mail from Turkey to BAT YAM
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Wartime incoming Jewish refugee mail: 25-12-1943 surface mailed cover from ISTANBUL (no return address) to BAT YAM, franked 10k & tied by strike of local postmark on front + machine cancel on back; opened by Palestine Censor KK/23346 (Sacher Q9 type - this unlisted) & stamped twice by "Please request sender..." full name/address 4-line TEL AVIV-type Sach-Q52 instructional marking front/back (4 months after Sacher's last known date of use); backstamped 30 JA 44 arrival (Dorf-5); opened roughly at top, complete. Scarce origin & markings. Cover probably stamped by instructional marking as part of Mandate authorities' struggle against "illegal" Jewish immigration to Palestine by keeping tabs on correspondents, with much such underground activity passing through Turkey.

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