4/1943 WWII triple-censored mail from TEL AVIV to Swiss refugee hotel via France
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Triple censored wartime outbound civilian mail: 18 AP 1943 commercial cover on Solel Boneh stationary from TEL AVIV to Hotel des Narcisses in MONTREUX Switzerland, franked 15m (10m letter + 6m additional weight, underfranked 1m) & tied by 2 strikes of local postmark. Opened 3 times by 2 censoring authorities (British Palestine censor, UK censor probably in London & German censor - per "X" index, in PARIS): as surface mail, probably transported to London by sea, then Lisbon by sea and overland through Spain, German occupied France & Switzerland. The hotel was rented by the Dutch government in exile & housed refugees (hence Dutch addressee's name). Rare destination, route & postal handling; torn open at bottom, few pieces missing.

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