3/1945 end WWII German Uberroller mail to Sweden, processed by US Army; delivered
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Germany 1945 "Überroller" mail abroad: 9-3-1945 business stationary cover from fur-hat business LAUTERBACH to business in STOCKHOLM (Sweden), franked 25pf per period surface mail rate to Europe using the firm's slogan-meter cancel; cover front-stamped next day transit in locale's postal system & marked at back by numbered circular censor cachet - but further transmission ceased & processing of the mail resumed with the American occupation of parts of Germany - here the Hesse region - making this "Uberroller mail" - "overtaken" mail (postal matter accepted by the Nazi/Third Reich German or German occupied postal authorities and delivered by the Allied Occupation Forces after the German surrender): cover opened & resealed by US military censor (possibly mailed unsealed as censor-label sealed only a tip of the flap) & tied by 10218 censor on front. Though lacking Swedish postal markings, the 10 MRS 1946 dateline on front is in Swedish (not German) and indicates that the cover was received abroad; a couple of vertical and horizontal folds + staples at top right with fragment of paper - possibly a removed postal label. Rare type of mail - especially as overseas mail & delivered.

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