5/1945 Postwar/Holocaust mail from Soviet occupied Poland to Jewish soldier in HAIFA
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Postwar incoming civilian mail: 29 V 1945 registered postcard in Russian on Polish postal stationary from Mariam Berlas STRYI Poland to Jewish soldier (Erus Schutzer) in 468 Palestine Company Royal Army Service Corps General Transport (HAIFA), franked 40Kop (but uncancelled - no dispatch postmark on the postcard) & marked by 2x different registry handstamps (one Polish & one Soviet); passed Soviet military censor & H12 Palestine Censor (Sach-Q22 - 3 years after his last known date of use) in HAIFA - 3x different censor markings; front-stamped 16(?) SP 1945 REG HAIFA arrival - very long transit time; registration etiquette now missing (traces visible), two small tears at bottom. Rare origin & destination - particularly as this locale was ceded by the pro-Communist Polish government/annexed by the USSR in August; very unusual contact with western soldier (vis. 1945/post-war purges & suspicion of contact with Jews, Zionists & the West). See next lot for apparently identical message but in English.

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