5/1946 postwar WWII mail from Poland to Jewish soldier via Army post office to HAIFA
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Postwar incoming civilian mail (triple re-routed): 30 MAY 1946 uprated postcard in Polish(?) on Polish postal stationary from Mariam Berlas SŁUPSK to Jewish soldier (Erus Schutzer) in 179 Palestine Company Royal Army Service Corps General Transport UDINE Italy, pre-franked 1.50L (additional 1.50L frank removed at top); backstamped 15 JY 46 BAPO 15 (NAPLES) transit - scarce military marking on Communist eastern-European originating mail; re-routed to "Post Office" (Poste Restante) TEL AVIV, then re-routed again to civilian address HAIFA; marked possibly by Polish censor. At this time Poland was independent but with half a million Soviet troops stationed on its soil. Rare origin & destination: very unusual contact with western soldier especially during Cold War post-WWII ideological purges. Two filing holes with tears.

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