2/1947 postwar WWII Soviet Red Cross POW mail from AHUM to Berni Ascher in HAIFA
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Postwar military mail: 9 Feb(?) 1947 Soviet Red Cross POW card (1946 stationary) from camp 7399/3 in AHUM (central Russia) to HAIFA, written in German from son (Dr. Felix Eulenburg - possibly adopted) to father (Dr. Berni Ascher). Message says that the newspapers are not showing a peaceful picture Palestine (i.e. the period of the Jewish insurrection), that he can hardly rest, and that Germany must find a new political beginning. Unclear if sender is a POW or a doctor serving in the camp. Bernard Ascher (1904-1978) was the son of Dr. Siegfried Ascher (1877 - 1962), an architect and land expert by profession, best known as the founder of one of the earliest Jewish geneological societies, the "The Jewish Genealogical Research Society of Palestine", around 1939, and also as a world-famous philatelist, authoring the 1925 "Grosser Ganzsachen-Katalog" - being the first to try to comprehensively document all countries' postal stationery including stamped envelopes. Ascher was born in Berlin, emigrated to Palestine in 1939, and lived intially in Jerusalem and from the late 1940s in Haifa. With filing holes. Rare origin.

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