*15 MAY* 1948 EARLIEST ISRAELI MAIL with Interim & Mandate postal markings
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**1st Day ISRAEL 15 MAY 1948** registered cover with interim markings: local HAIFA registered cover from AHUZAT SAMUEL town agency to MOUNT CARMEL, franked 25m per period registered letter rate using interim 5m Negev & 2x 10m brown Diaspora I (Ba 34/#44-45), all with violet TEL AVIV overprints & tied by 2 strikes of "reintroduced" Mandate AHUZAT SAMUEL HAIFA postmark (GD-117; no interim canceller was used here, only Mandate) dated 15 MY 48 - here Saturday night/Jewish start of Sunday (after Shabbat) - this very rare; not backstamped: prepared for registered service but this service was not available at the Ahuzat Samuel post office, so mailed as regular mail & marked by INTERIM dateless postmark on arrival on front + 2x on back - this KEY issue: those postmarks were used either late on 15th or early 16th May, as this Post Office received Israeli trilingual postmark sometime on 16th, so very rare use of interim cancel after Independence day (14 May). Rare combination on cover + "first day" / 3 period cover. Unsealed. POSTAL HISTORY GEM.

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