14-05-1948 1st/Last day/3-period incoming mail from TEL AVIV to besieged NAHARIYA
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1948 interim 1st Day & 'Last Day'/3 period/besieged Nahariya incoming mail: undated cover from TEL AVIV to NAHARIYA ("near Haifa") franked 10mil using a Kofer HaYishuv stamp + invalid 10m denominated JNF label perhaps for patriotic purposes & tied by full strike of local interim postmark (although Kofer HaYishuv stamps were unauthorized for postal use, in the period March-April 1948 these were used for patriotic reasons by senders and generally accepted by the post offices who transmitted those letters onwards; as accepted, cover not taxed); cover was transmitted by Minhelet Ha'am post at the Haifa Head Post Office to Nahariya Local Council mail service which transferred it by sea to Nahariya, where incoming mail service charge was collected by affixing "11 mil" red local delivery stamp - this rare and used only towards the end of the service once the yellow label supply was exhausted, and "cancelled" using newly reintroduced Mandate Nahariya postmark dated 21 MY 48 - first day of use of this postmark and last day of the Local Council's emergency mail service. Cover probably mailed 14 May (last day of Minhelet Ha'am mail outside of Nahariya); siege on Nahariya lifted 17 May; sea-route transit time was c.3 days. Slit open at top, very fine. Estimated value $800-1000.

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