1948 JERUSALEM siege period couriered/flown? mail to TEL AVIV postmarked 23-06-1948
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1948 JERUSALEM siege period couriered (flown?) mail: cover from female in JERUSALEM to female in TEL AVIV franked 10m at period letter rate using Jerusalem 2nd locals Ba105; couriered to TEL AVIV and posted locally in June 1948, tied by 23-6-1948 TEL AVIV trilingual postmark (per elements of faint Hebrew date) - interim franking was invalid outside Jerusalem after 22 May and accepted inconsistently. Although the postal siege on Jerusalem ended on this date, courier mail from there continued into July-August; though probably carried via the 'Burma Road' there are 2 light circular postmarks on the back of the size used by the Army's APO/Base postmarks suggesting that the cover may actually have been flown out by Army post (to TEL AVIV): though it lacks markings by one of the 4 known authorizing bodies for privileged civilian airmail it is possible that it was airmailed without such authorization (correctly not stamped by military markings on the civilian franking), and then entered into the local postal system by a courier where the frank was cancelled by the civilian post; opened gently at back, with vertical fold as is typical of courered covers.

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