1948 besieged Jerusalem mail franked by JNF label & cancelled by unknown handstamp
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1948 War of Independence/besieged JERUSALEM: undated commercial cover on local "Mataf" stationary addressed in English to Joseph Schur at 144 Hayarkon Street TEL AVIV (no return address) & franked by undenominated 1948 Jerusalem blue/white JNF label (Kap-921; not interim frank, which per colors would have been 5m - printed matter rate) & tied by undocumented skeleton postmark/office handstamp "I.L.F. JERUSALEM"; with German manuscript at top "Bitte sofort zustellen!" (please deliver immediately); opened gently at back. As the cover lacks any markings in Hebrew but appears to be handled by some existing process + using "Zionist" franking/not Mandate, this may be a forwarding service (similar to "Saad/Hadar house" & "central bus station 2nd floor") or other governmental related channel (eg. JNF/Jewish Agency) whose mail would have been transported by air through the military during the siege period (20 April - 21 June), sometimes marked such and sometimes not. The pre-State high command existed at 123 Hayakon St. ("Red House") & APO "Base A" was located in north Hayarkon near the Sde Dov airfield; addressee located nearby at #144 & appears listed there into 1965 per white pages.

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