16-6-1948 early Israeli airmail from TEL AVIV to ZURICH; tabbed rouletted franks
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Early airmail links: 16-6-1948 airmail commercial cover on Israeli "Afo" stationary from TEL AVIV (return-addressed Bat Yam) to ZURICH franked 40m per FA-1 postage period rate to Switzerland, using 3 color fully tabbed perforation mix of Doar Ivri stamps 5x 3m & 2x 10m rouletted (Ba 1c/3c) + 5m 11:11 perforated tabbed single (Ba 2), tied by 5 full strikes of TEL AVIV Head Post Office trilingual postmark. Airmail service to Switzerland was restored on 9 June; this cover may have been carried by the 2nd Air France flight from TEL AVIV to Paris on 16 June. Sender added "State of Israel" to return address sometime after writing the return address. Slit open at bottm, right flap tip missing; very fine. Catalogue value alone for the stamps = $660; estimated value $700-750.

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