21-6-1948 early Israeli airmail from RAMAT GAN to BUDAPEST, with Mandate postmark
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1948 early foreign postal links: 21 JU 1948 airmail stationary commercial cover from RAMAT GAN to BUDAPEST franked 40m at period airmail rate to Europe using pair of 20m Doar Ivri and tied by reintroduced Mandate Ramat Gan postmark Dorf-4; arrived 26 VI 48 and reached address on the 28th. Probably transported by Czechoslovak Airlines which opened the Israel-Hungary postal route on the 9th of that month, flying via Haifa (as Lydda was not operational until Sept. 1948)-Athens-Rome-Prague. Slit open at top. The Israeli trilingual postmark entered local use on 1 July. Scarce overseas mail with mandate dispatch date-stamp.

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