1948-1950 airmail cover from TRIPOLITANIA to TEL AVIV; overprinted franks & marked AV2
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Early Israeli postal links: 7-12 [unclear] airmail cover from TRIPOLITANIA to TEL AVIV, franked 30L using 3x BMA Tripolitania 10 MAL overprinted 5d stamps (Sa-7) & tied by 2 strikes of local date-bridge postmark, cover marked "A.V.2" (M-type-14) using local instructional marking handstamp - used on 'top of pile' cover of small batch of airmail, grouped together with other batches intended for different destinations in mail bag, which is then opened at various mail exchange offices for further routing. As franks in use between 7/1948 - 1/1950, this is the estimated postmark time; locale kept postal relations with Israel from 31-08-1948 to May 1954. Cut open at top, small piece missing from back-flap (part of return address visible), peripheral tear at top-right. Rare origin; large Jewish population (c.40k) of which 31k emigrated to Israel between 1948-51.

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