25-11-1947 mail from Jordan to HAIFA with 'Save Palestine Arab Lands' cachet
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"Save Palestine Arab Lands" propaganda slogan cachet on pre 29 NOV 1947 mail: [unclear] 1947 cover on business stationary from EL REMTIIA (Ar Ramtha, Transjordan) to "The Eastern Gate HAIFA", franked 30m & tied by strike of scarce local postmark (Proud-D2 - 5+ years after his last known date of use) & backstamped 25 NO 47 AMMAN transit - key proving date for early/estimated use of bilingual Arab/English "Save Palestine Arab Lands" handstamp: it was long believed that this cachet was used as a result of the 29 November UN vote on the partition of Palestine, now seen here in use even before that event. Very rare - only 3 such covers known postmarked NOV. 1947 (others dated from December onwards).

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