1948-49 War twice censored mail to Arab POW from NABLUS to Israel via the Red Cross
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1948-49 War Arab POW mail: stampless undated cover on NABLUS municipality stationary (no return address) to "Respected sir, Mahmoud Abdelhady Khalaf | Prisoner no. 6180 | Detention Camp no. 795", transferred to Israel via Red Cross whose red GENEVA cachet is tied to front; backstamped by Iraqi Army negative censor cachet whose expeditionary force operated in area of Qalqilya-Tulkarem-Nablus-Jenin between 15 May 1948 & April 1949; cover passed Israeli censor "51" (front/back) & marked front/back by bilingual "Passed Censor" double-ring handstamp (3x different censor marks in total); unsealed.

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