1949 US Diplomatic Pouch mail from Israel with Doar Ivri stamp & US cancel
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1949 Diplomatic Pouch mail using Doar Ivri: undated surface-mailed US Foreign Service airmail stationary cover from TEL AVIV to NEW YORK CITY, franked 20Pr using Doar Ivri single (with mismatching horizontal perforations); dispatched uncancelled and transported in diplomatic pouch; upon arrival, tied by FEB 15 1949 WASHINGTON (DC) transit postmark + numbered obliterator & 2-lined cachet in red (this unusual, usually violet) "This article originally mailed | in country indicated by postage"; two manuscript notations on front; two light vertical folds; slit open at top. All observed US diplomatic pouch mail was initially postmarked in Washington DC prior to onward domestic transmission. Unusual.

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