13-5-1949 Jerusalem printed matter mail with 3-color partly tabbed Doar Ivri franking
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Doar Ivri PO's, rates & routes: 13-5-1949 local JERUSALEM registered printed matter commercial cover franked 30pr at the DO-2 period rate (5pr printed matter rate + 25pr registration) using 3 color Doar Ivri franking: block of 4x 3m + tabbed 3m franks & 5m & 10m singles (Ba1-3) tied by 2 full strikes of HaVaad HaPoel HaZioni machine slogan cancellation+ 2 on back; backstamped same day JERUSALEM-3 arrival; unsealed as per regulations, very fine.

Product Tags: Israeli Philately - Postal Covers, Israel and Postal History from Israel and from 20th Century, 1940s, 1945-1949 Postwar era which are Philately - Printed Matter mail