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Hungary: "Hebrew Culture - Hungary" enamel and metal pin, circa. 1910s; designed by Y. Sh.; size: 32.25 x 31.75mm; weight: 8.05g. Oval shaped badge in blue & white enamel, in avant garde style, with Hebrew words "Hebrew" & "Culture" on white [Ten Commandment] Tablet devices & silver rays emitting forth & "Hungaria" in exergue; designer's Hebrew initials at left. Little information exists, but "Tarbut Ivrit" as a teaching method was one of total immersion in Hebrew & connection to a cultural icon (period Zionist youth movements) where Hebrew instruction imbued with romantic aura & sense of moral mission, adapting language of Bible for modern life. Here, pin probably connected to activities of Eliyahu Blank, József Patai & Dr. Yehuda Spiegel (perhaps the designer's initials are his).


CR052, SC04