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First Circular of the Temporary Committee of the Jews in the Occupied Territories, Rosh Chodesh [start of month] Iyar 5678 (12 April 1918); 8 pages; size: 17.1 x 22.95cm; printed by Sa'adia Shoshani, Jaffo: 8-page circular discusses key issues of interest to the Jewish community - language, judiciary & unionization - almost 30 years to the day (5 Iyar) before Israel's independence. The Temporary Committee of the Jews was a forerunner of the "Temporary Committee", which established the "Assembly of Representatives" (Asefat HaNivharim; 1920), whose executive "Jewish National Council" (Vaad HaLeumi) replaced the Temporary Committee and functioned as the Yishuv's government until 1948. Pages loose.


CR082, HL036