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Postcard portrait of Zeev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky, from World War I, in his Lieutenant's uniform as a member of the Jewish Battalions: 4(?) Tishrei 5682 (6 Oct. 1921) dated handwritten message on back thanks the recipients for their well wishes and wishes them a good new Year (Rosh Hashana) and fruitful work - signed by Zeev Braz & family. Braz (1869-1933), born in Valkininkai Lithuania, was a member of the 2nd Aliya (1906-1914), who immigrated to Palestine in 1906 and settled in Petach Tikva, working in agriculture and banking, and going on to found the "Kupat Ashrai veChisachon" (Savings & Loan Fund) of which he was its first chairman. He and his wife had 10 children, and his son Moshe was a member of the Revisionist-Zionist (i.e. Jabotinsky-associated) Etzel underground movement. The timing of the postcard's use probably relates to Jabotinsky's reprieve from prison the month before, having been wrongly accused of inspiring the Arab Nebi Musa Riots of 1920 and being sentenced to 15 years prison. The postcard was probably hand delivered as there are no postal markings on it. The postcard's image looks like an enlargement used on a privately commissioned printing.


CR082, HL088, SC25