1952 TABA exhibition airmail from Israeli soldier HAIFA to British Army camp UK
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1952 TABA Stamp Exhibiton: 15-4-1952 registered airmail cover on TABA stationary, from HAIFA (return addressed Captain at Israeli Army post office KABA 392 - military police) to Israeli(?) addressee Moshe Papenheimer at British Army "Catterich Camp" (Garrison) YORKSHIRE, franked 220pr per FA-3 period rate (110pr letter rate + 60pr registration fee; 50pr overcharge) using full tabbed 100pr & 120pr franks (Ba 66-67) and tied by special event cancellation (front/back) + Haifa-TABA registry label (tied by Israeli "Samech" censor cachet); slit open at left + toning/foxing marks. Rare as little commercial mail was sent during the week of this exhibition (13-17 April) - here unusual as army-to-army overseas mail. Estimated value $180+

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