7/1972 unfranked Danish airmail sent as surface mail & taxed; unpaid then paid
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1972 incoming Danish taxed mail: 25 JUL 1972 airmailed EL-AL stationary picture postcard of Israel from COPENHAGEN to HAIFA, posted unfranked and stamped by "airmail fee unaccepted" French cachet; as such dispatched by surface mail, arriving Israel where taxed 0.40L using 1969 2nd Town Emblems Ba430 frank; apparently as unpaid, annulled with "difference not paid" crossed handstamp, but when addressee came to pay, new 0.40L frank applied (different hue/slight shift) and cancelled by 29-9-72 HAIFA-60 postmark; same day HAIFA-36 delivery postmark on original frank.

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