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Palestine: 50th anniversary of Bilu movement & establishment of Kfar Bilu settlement, colored bronze commemorative pin, 1932; not maker-marked; size: 28mm; weight: 2g. Avant garde image of 3 Zionist pioneers in agricultural setting, with shining sun & "Bilu" below; Hebrew dates ("5642 - 5692") in exergue. Bilu was small but together with "Chovevei Zion" from Romania, represented the first modern attempt at Jewish colonization of Palestine, 15 years before Herzl's 1st Zionist Congress. Founded in 1882 in Kharkov & numbering 50 members, Bilu emigrated to Palestine (1882) and helped establish Rishon LeZion & Gedera; inspirational for their frugal lifestyle, emphasis on agriculture and communal living.