Early 1st postage dues franks on returned & stampless 30-5-1948 Haifa-Tel Aviv mail
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1948 early 1st postage rate period domestic taxed mail: 4-6-1948 commercial cover from HAIFA to TEL AVIV mailed unfranked tied by Haifa Head Post Office postmark configured unusually with Latin date above Hebrew date; front marked by Haifa "T" tax cachet and charged twice the deficiency, but as addressee initially not found (cachet on back) returned to sender where tax paid over 3 weeks later using 1st postage dues series 20m BaPD4 frank tied by 28-6-1948 TEL AVIV Head Post Office postmark; opened gently at back; The 1st series of Postage Dues entered use in Tel Aviv on 30 May, so this is an early Postage Dues cover; very fine; estimated value $300+

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