29-6-1952 Ramat Gan to Jerusalem falsely franked & under-franked mail, taxed too little
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1952 bizarre DO-3a rate period mis-franked, taxed demonetized cover: 29-6-1952 [domestic-use only] "Igeret" stationary letter-sheet from RAMAT GAN to JERUSALEM originally franked 31pr per period 30Pr inland letter rate, using with mixture of 2x Mandate 3m pictorals + 20-9-1949 cancelled 5m Doar Ivri + 5pr 1949 2nd Coinage Ba22 + 3x 5pr 1950 3rd Coinage Ba42; this partially rejected at the local PO, which circled the Mandate franks (but erroniously cancelled them, perhaps before noticing them) but overlooked the pre-cancelled Doar Ivri stamp, and required just 10Pr of valid stamps to be applied (twice the deficiency for the Mandate franks; manuscript on front); this paid in JERUSALEM on front and cancelled (but frank has been removed); backstamped JERUSALEM arrival - unusual on non-registered mail.

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