Nov 1980 Tel Aviv postcard pre-franked in Lira, underfranked in Shekel period -taxed & paid
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1980 1st 'Old Shekel' rate period taxed mail: Nov. 1980 local TEL AVIV postal stationary prepaid 3.70L commercial postcard (Ba-PC.35) now in rate period DO-27 (as of 1 Oct.) with franking worth only 0.37Sh (10% of Lira) and so taxed either for the 0.13Sh difference or even for the 0.27Sh printed matter rate deficiency (reason not indicated) as postcard pre-printed with firm's change of address; this paid(!) as postcard marked "The difference in the postal fee was collected" with 3-lined boxed cachet.

Product Tags: Israeli Postcards, Taxed Mail - Israeli Domestic Mail and Postal History from Israel and from 1980 Lira-Shekel Currency Change, 20th Century, 1980s which are Philately - Taxed Mail, Philately - unusual postal procedures/fines/taxes, Philately - Significant Rates/Periods, Philately - Printed Matter mail