1966 top of the pile taxed mail franked per new postage rate & taxed at old rate
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1966 'top of the pile' OLD/NEW POSTAGE PERIOD taxed franking: 14-3-1966 printed matter cover from TEL AVIV branch of Idud Ltd. and franked by machine prepayment at new DO-12 period (as of 13 March) domestic 12 Ag printed-matter rate but returned to sender as address unknown (cachet on front, manuscript on back); as envelope is printed at base "return payment guaranteed", this letter and all others to same addressee returned together with total tax calculated and applied to one of the covers placed at the top of the pile - here, charged 128 Agorot at the old DO-11 8 Ag rate (see manuscript notation) due to the 2 week grace period, for 16 letters and paid for with 1L 1965/67 Town Emblem Ba323 + 0.08L & 0.20L 1961 Zodiac Ba208/212 franks tied by 22-3-66 TEL AVIV-6 postmark. Unusual retroactive application of old rate on cover sent by new rate. Estimated value $250+

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