11/1950 Dutch airmail to JERUSALEM routed via Egypt & refused service; resent
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Egyptian friendly "no service" mail to Israel: 22 XI 1950 airmail commercial cover from VOORBURG Netherlands to Old City JERUSALEM "ISRAEL", meter franked 25c; addressed in error to Israel rather than JORDAN (Old City then Jordanian) & (correctly?) routed via EGYPT where backstamped 25 NO 50 CAIRO transit; here mistake in address realized & "Israel" crossed off and replaced "via Kingdom of Jordan", where to routed but oddly still opened/resealed (by censor using K-Type-C label tied by K-Type6 handstamp) & marked by K-Type1 (#53) handstamp; 5 DEC censored in AMMAN & backstamped next day JERUSALEM arrival - remarkably fast delivery time in spite of address error. Slit open at top, minor tear at top on back; complete.

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