12/1954 Ceylon airmail to Israel via Pakistan & PORT TAWFIK; returned via Ethiopia
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Egyptian postal boycott of Israel: 10 DEC 1954 airletter from COLOMBO (Ceylon) to JERUSALEM "Israel", pre-franked 40c & tied by strike of local postmark; incredibly, routed via PAKISTAN (no postal relations with Israel 1948-93) where marked 12 DEC 1954 KARACHI | CANCELLED and transmitted on to EGYPT(!) where backstamped 5 JA 55 PORT TAWFIK transit - seized, opened & resealed + censored by K-Type6 handstamp over seal & K-Type5 (#69) handstamp on face - and returned "to sender": here, via Suez Canal to ETHIOPIA (backstamped 27-1-55 ADDIS ABABA transit) where transferred on by surface mail (at this time all transitted mail via Ethiopia continued by surface) to origin (front-stamped 29 MAR 1955). Unique postal handling via country without postal links to Israel + rare Port Tawfik routing (very little mail destined to Israel known such routed/marked).

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