7/1956 Egyptian airmail to UK rejected as addressed to Israel, sent to UK then Israel
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Egyptian "No Service" mail sent to Israel: 23-7-1956 airmail cover from ALEXANDRIA to SOUTH AMBLTON (UK) whose sender & addressee details placed erroniously in incorrect locations on the envelope's front; franked 52m & dispatched from ALEXANDRIA, but as sender's name "Esmaiel" & appears in addressee field, the Egyptian post office treated it as "Israel", censored it (K-Type-7, #80) & marked it "no relaciones" + "retour" (red manuscript), indicating the address in the return address field (the actual intended address); cover dispatched to UK where the post office processed the letter based on the information in the addressee section (the sender's information) - and again misunderstood his name as "Israel" & erroniously dispatched it there, and did not delivered locally as intended; backstamped 17-8-56 TEL AVIV arrival. Unusually not censored in Israel. As per the red crayon "Retour" manuscript on back, it appears the cover was then "returned" to the UK, to the originally intended addresee. A rare instance of Egyptian mail reaching Israel; only one known Egyptian-UK-Israel cover. Slit open at top.

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