6/1952 Moroccan airmail to BETHLEHEM routed via Israel; censored & returned; resent
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Israeli "no service" marks on mail to Arab states: 26-6-1952 airmail cover from TAROUDANT Morocco to BETHLEHEM ("Hashemite Kingdom/Palestine"), franked 40f & tied by 3 strikes of local postmark; backstamped same day CASABLANCA transit - but mis-routed to ISRAEL (with whom Morocco had postal relations, to 1961), backstamped 6-7-1952 JERUSALEM arrival (date derived from the Hebrew - possible date-stamp month error) & censored "Tzadi" + marked "PAS DE SERVICE VIA ISRAEL" instructional marking handstamp K-Type-J.I.1 + Hebrew "RETURN TO" instructional marking handstamp on front; returned to sender & when received marked with French "REBUTS" & "RETOUR A L'ENVOYEUR" instructional markings - these obliterated when cover resent: "Palestine" crossed off & replaced by "Jordan"; backstamped 20 JUL 52 AMMAN transit, next day [East] JERUSALEM transit & BETHLEHEM arrival. Nicely travelled/documented - only cover known such marked from Morocco; unusual as Arab-to-Arab state mail originating from locale with postal relations with Israel + fast turn-around time. Torn open at right.

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