11/1957 British airmail to TEL AVIV mis-routed via Iraq; refused service & returned
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Iraqi postal boycott of Israel: 1 NOV 1957 airmail cover from LONDON to TEL AVIV, franked 9d & tied by machine cancel; mis-routed via Iraq (backstamped 3 NOV 57 BAGHDAD DELIVERY arrival) where manuscript-marked "No Not Posted" on front + arrow mark pointing to "Israel" & returned to sender undelivered. Rare: misrouted mail via Arab countries other than those in immediate proximity of Israel is rare - via Iraq only 2 covers known; per UPU Circular 13 (29-1-1960) it appears that the Iraqi postal administration simply confiscated Israel-related mail & never reshipped/returned it - hence this cover very rare. Cut open at right.

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