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Palestine/Yishuv: commemorative pin of the inauguration of the Tel Aviv sea port, 1936/38; not maker-marked; size: 23 x 25.5mm; weight: 0.8g. Obverse depicts image of Biblical seaman on boat with legend in Hebrew at right "Zebulun shall dwell at the shore of the sea" (Genesis 49 v13) and at left "Port of Tel Aviv". The construction of the port, against the backdrop of the Arab Revolt and the strike of the port of Jaffa, began in May 1936 and ended in February 1938: the pin may date from either the arrival of the first boat to Tel Aviv proper, for unloading of cargo - the Yugoslavian boat 'Chetverti' - an event which was hailed as a triumph for the Jewish community, or to the actual opening of the port in 1938.


CR082, HL106, SC07