Israeli captured Jordanian mail document for airmail dispatches on day 1967 War began
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POSTAL HISTORY GEM - Outbreak 1967 Six Day War delayed Arab/Israeli-captured mail document: 5 JUN 1967 single-sided French/Arabic Jordanian Postal Administration form AV7 from JERUSALEM documenting dispatch (not "transit", as no original dispatching post office stamp on top right of form) of (5) mail bags to different destinations (BEIRUT, FRANKFURT, GREAT BRITAIN, LONDON transit, NEW YORK) from different carriers (Lufthansa, KLM, BOAC), from KALANDIA airfield to BEIRUT via "ALIA" (Royal Jordanian Airlines), tied top left by strike of JERUSALEM-3 dispatch date-stamp (Wallach-1.10 on last day of use); the shipment was scheduled to depart 13:00 same day - but Six Day War broke out that morning: although E. JERUSALEM captured morning 7 JUNE, Israel had complete air superiority on 5th, so grounding civilian aircraft in conflict zone (one shipment airmail known trapped in JERUSALEM on this date); fate of this shipment unknown: definitely delayed, but such mail not known marked by relevant instructional marking. Very rare postal history document - the only example known. Horizontally folded.

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