1967 earliest dated mail to formerly Jordanian territory with Occupied territory mark
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Jordanian post-1967 War "no service" mail to Israel: 6 IX 67 airmail commercial cover from LEATHERHEAD (UK) to business in Old City JERUSALEM "JORDAN", with meter franking; with locale now held by Israel, as of September Jordan began holding back all mail destined to former Jordanian territories newly held by Israel, in AMMAN - and then released it all back to sender en-masse 13 months later (Sept. 68), after applying an English-language "Return to Sender | Delivery Prevented by Enemy Occupation of Jordad(sic) Territory" instructional marking handstamp - here K-Type-Va on earliest known date of usage + backstamped 9 SEP 67 - this proving date as earliest known date of received mail with Type V instructional marking. Such early post-6 Day War airmail with Type V instructional marking is rare. Torn open at back, most of backflap missing but postmark is fully intact.

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