1973 Yom Kippur War Israeli-captured Egyptian mail from QESM EL NAH to RAF FAYID
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1973 Yom Kippur War Israeli-captured Egyptian mail: 20-11-1969 registered cover from the district manager/Chief of the Telephone Traffic Department at QESM EL NAH to the Inspector of Telegraph at the Ministry of Transportation / Telecommunications Authority at QEMMET FAYID, franked 55m per period rate & tied by 2x strikes of the local postmark on front + manuscript registry number R171 at top right (and back) & 2 governmental handstamps (top/bottom) "Ministry of Transportation, Telecommunications Authority" and "Department of Ismailia"; backstamped next day transit (postmark unclear) & Arabic-dated 69-11-23 arival - all scarce postmarks. Arabic/English Telegraph form with message enclosed (translation provided with this lot), dated 19-11-1969 to the Telephone Traffic Superintendent & the Deputy of Telegraphs, requesting to be informed by call about any severance problems or faults lasting more than 24 hours.

The cover's back is manuscript marked in Hebrew "Department of Communications": this cover was captured 4 years later when on 20 October 1973 the Israeli Army overran the now-Egyptian RAF FAYID airfield. The Israeli Airforce operated the airfield from the 21st until 19 February 1974 as the newly named "Nachshon" airfield: it housed a military hospital, bus terminal and religious Yeshiva; 3 days later, on the last day of the war (24 October), the IAF defeated an Egyptian airforce attack on the base. Located on the west bank of the Great Salt Lake, the base was a critical logistical hub for the Israelis until it was evacuated and demolished, following the ceasefire agreement with Egypt.

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